Tuff - soils of Sitno vulcan


(photo+text by Juraj Konečný)






An old stone-pit for tuff which was used by people from close village Čajkov to build houses, church and wineries. Interesting is that the soil is less than 2 meters deep so local wine grapes must grow their roots into tuff rocks. This gives these wines a unique mineral character.






Tuff - rock which consists of fused volcanic ash ejected from a nearby volcano called Sitno (Stiavnica mountains) eruption. Mostly used as construction material, it is also point of differentiation of local wine terroir.






Pesecká leánka (Feteasca Regala) - speciality of eastern European countries, originally coming from Romania, is at its best in Čajkov. Local producers make many styles of Pesecká, from light, refreshingly flowery and dry, to rich, full and sweet. Usually it is enjoyed young and maturing in stainless steel is prefered to oak. The grape enjoys its unique soil composition and is gaining a lot of attention and popularity in recent years, especially within younger generation.





45 meter long wine cellar dug into rock in the village of Nemčinany. This is where local Pesecká leánka slowly ages in bottles.




Some of the most popular Pesecka leanka wines comes from “Pivnica Čajkov”, family owned winery whith history dating back to 17th century.




A distinctive, slightly floral aroma with notes of muscat. Refreshing Pesecká with juicy ripe grapefruit flavors, sometimes with a delicate hint of dried apricots, and always accompanied with acidity of temperament.